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Win Win Business

At Resuq, we understand the importance for retail chains to offer quality refurbished phone solutions to their customers.

Our partnership program with retail chains provides a variety of benefits, aiming to strengthen your offering while increasing profitability.

Why Choose Resuq for Your Chain?

Our easy and transparent buyback process allows you to sell your phone quickly and easily, while also contributing to reducing electronic waste and preserving the environment.

Quality Products

Our refurbished phones undergo a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure optimal quality, offering a reliable and affordable alternative to new products.

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Wide Product Selection

Resuq offers a diverse range of refurbished phones, covering various popular brands and models, allowing your chain to meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Flexible Partnership Program

We provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your chain, with flexible partnership options tailored to your business goals and customer base.

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Marketing Support and Training

As a Resuq partner, you'll receive dedicated marketing support to promote your refurbished phone offers, as well as training programs for your sales team.


How to Become a Resuq Partner?

Contact our dedicated partnership team to discuss collaboration opportunities and the benefits of becoming an authorized Resuq reseller.

Fists in Solidarity

Make the Responsible Choice with Resuq

Together, we can offer your customers a quality refurbished phone solution while increasing your chain's profitability.

Join us today.

Offer your customers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative in the world of telephony!

Best Friends
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